In cities, and especially in Mediterranean climates, fruit grows abundantly. Urban fruit trees form a large collective orchard that is not harvested: tons of fruit falls on the ground and rots, creating management and cleaning problems. This represents an untapped resource and a unacceptable waste! The fruit that grows in the city is not chemically treated with fertilizers or pesticides. In addition, because the fruit is directly harvested from the trees when fully ripe, it is tastier and contains a larger quantity of vitamins and nutritional substances than fruit harvested unripe and that travels a great distance.


Frutta Urbana began in Rome and it is the first project of its kind in Italy, thanks to a non profit association Linaria. Frutta Urbana is a complex and dynamic project, which includes activities such as the free distribution of the harvested fruit to food banks or soup kitchens, the creation of new orchards to contribute to new proposals and ideas concerning urban public space, as well as activities, events, courses and workshops. Frutta Urbana is in constant evolution and offers the community an innovative, ecological and free service but also the opportunity to acquire knowledge and care for our common botanical heritage. (read more)


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