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Frutta Urbana was born from the need for a group of people to dedicate themselves and actively participate in the transformation of urban spaces. The group is convinced that small interventions can also create change on a larger scale. We believe that to really work and create positive change, projects not only need to take into account the physical infrastructures but also the local culture.

The priority of Frutta Urbana is to create a positive environmental and social impact. The proposed method aims to encourage collaboration, sharing and the exchange of experiences and knowledge to explore creative and sustainable solutions that promote social cohesion/collaboration and the conservation of resources.

Frutta Urbana is active in Rome and in Milan!

For Rome: Michela Pasquali - cell (+39) 349 5816433 – mail info@fruttaurbana.org

For Milan): Rossana Parizzi - cell (+39) 328 1758557 - mail info@fruttaurbana.org